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MMA Sports Physical and Combat Labs

For Fighters in Eastern PA and all of NJ, a MMA Sports Physical and Combat Labs are performed at your location, training facility or gym.

The Combat Labs are Hepatitis B Surface Antigen with Confirmation, Hepatitis C Antibody, and HIV Types 1 & 2 Antibody Screen with Reflexes.  (If test results are abnormal, additional testing and fees may be required.  If tests remain abnormal, follow up with your Primary Care Physician and an Infectious Disease specialist may be required.)

Where is it done?

Physical Exam and Labs performed at your location.

Why do I need it?

The ABC Medical Committee recommends that a physical exam be performed for Combat Sports Athletes by a physician who knows the rigors of the sport.

Many physicians do not understand Combat Sports, specifically MMA, and they will clear fighters to compete with medical conditions that are not permitted in fighting.  Why go through all of the training it takes to get to the prefight physical to have the Ringside/Cageside physician medically suspend you before the fight even starts?  At the Csaszar Institute, we have the knowledge and experience to catch most medical problems in advance of the prefight physical.

With appropriate medical treatment and a detailed letter from the physician, many medical problems will be cleared by the Athletic Commission if found in advance of the prefight physical.  Unfortunately, there are some medical conditions that do not permit fighting in MMA.

Combat Labs are the basic labs required for competition in Combat Sports.

What if I am older than 36 years old, a pro athlete, or a female?

If you are a fighter older than 36 years of age or a pro fighter, additional labs/tests/exams may be required at specialists’ offices.  Please call for more  information.

All female fighters are required to have a blood pregnancy test, the timing of the tests varies by State Athletic Commission.  Additionally, some State Athletic Commissions require specific examinations for female athletes.  Contact us for more information.

What do I need to bring with me the day of the exam?

All patients will need to bring a government issued photo I.D with them.  Please bring your confirmation receipt that you printed from the Internet. Please have a list of your medical history and medications with you including over-the-counter medications and supplements.

What specimen will be collected for the Lab?

A Blood Specimen will be collected at the time of the appointment. The specimen will be sent to the lab facility for testing.  Results are normally received with in 1 business day.

Do I need to fast for the lab test?

There is no fasting requirement for these blood tests.

How do I get my lab results?

A representative of the Csaszar Institute will call you with your results. Additionally, a copy of the results will be faxed to the State Athletic Commission in which you will be fighting.  You will need to provide us with the name and a fax number for the respective State Athletic Commission.

What if my lab results are abnormal?

If you live with in Eastern PA and NJ and are a patient of the Csaszar Institute, Dr. Csaszar will manage your labs and treat or refer as needed.  He will discuss all recommendations and options with you, so you can make an informed decision and come up with a plan together.  You may also go to your Primary Care Physician for treatment options instead of Dr. Csaszar.

What if my lab results are abnormal and I live in a different part of the country?

If you live in another part of the country, Dr. Csaszar will contact you directly to discuss your lab results.  If the abnormal results are easily treated or require more tests, Dr. Csaszar will discuss options with you.  If the results can not be managed over the phone, Dr. Csaszar will refer you to your Primary Care Physician, a Specialist, or the nearest Emergency Room as the tests require.  With in the limitations of long distance medicine and with in reasonable accommodations of such conditions, he will assist you in finding the appropriate health care provider with in the best of his abilities.

Is there a Cancellation and “No Show” Policy?

Yes. Please see  our Cancellation and “No Show” policy for a detailed answer.